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Hey folks, welcome to the Something Wicked Wiki.

Something Wicked is an independent role-playing game (RPG) system soon to be available on Drive Thru RPG and as an ebook from Amazon. The system is a rules-light, storytelling focused system but it's crunchy enough to enable interesting combat and satisfying character growth over time in a campaign setting. It is ideal for convention games – and the basic rules system will be free on Drive Thru, and available free to kindle unlimited subscribers.

Something Wicked publishing has also developed fiction, modules, and play aids that will be available for sale on Drive Thru RPG.

This wiki is a collection of information about the system, settings, modules, play aids, and current campaigns from the playtest group.

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Our current work is to support the playtest campaign of something wicked. It's set in a post-apocalyptic world - about 3 generations after the crash. The world started with a collaborative world creation setting in which my players and I created parameters around the world including the purported cause of the crash (a sharp decline in civil society followed by the triggering of some sort of AI failsafe that was catastrophic). We kept the wording vague enough so that I (as the game master [GM]) can adapt the world as the story unfolds. Many of the ideas were stipulated 'as far as the player characters (PCs) know'....

Have fun checking out our story!

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